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Issue 27, January 31, 2014

Regularly Updated Latest News, Quarterly
Published Papers, Preprints & Presentations

Issue Date: 
Wednesday, Jan 01, 2014
Volume 8
Issue No. 27

(SNF is the successor of ESNF)
January 31, 2014

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Science and Technology Highlights
Regional News

Tatiana A. Prikhna, Alexander A. Kordyuk, and Vladimir E. Shaternik, with contributions from Mikhail A. Belogolovskii, Nickolay Cherpak, Alexander M. Gabovich, Alexander A. Kordyuk, and Tatiana A. Prikhna


J. Engert, J. Beyer, M. Schmidt, S. Ali Valiollahi, H.-J. Barthelmess and Th. Schurig

Review Presentations at Meetings
KRYO 2013

J. Kohlmann, F. Müller, O. Kieler, Th. Scheller, R. Wendisch, B. Egeling, L. Palafox, J. Lee, and R. Behr (Annotated presentation)

EUCAS 2013
Other Annotated Presentations at Meetings
11th EPRI Superconductivity Conference

Jeong-Uk Huh, Jian Cao, Joseph Chase, Xiaofeng Qiu, Ken Pfeiffer

KRYO 2013

Torsten May, Erik Heinz, Katja Peiselt, Gabriel Zieger, Detlef Born, Andre Krüger, Torsten Krause, Anika Brömel, Solveig Anders and Hans-Georg Meyer


Jelmer Renema, Rosalinda Gaudio, Giulia Frucci, Döndü Sahin, Zili Zhou, Alesandro Gaggero, Francesco Mattioli, Roberto Leoni, Michiel J.A. de Dood, Andrea Fiore, Martin P. van Exter

Selected EUCAS 2013 Contributed Preprints other than winners of SNF Contest

Riccardo Arpaia, Mikkel Eirnaes, Loredana Parlato, Marco Arzeo, Thilo Bauch, Shahid Nawaz, Francesco Tafuri and Giampiero Pepe (Invited by Superconductor Science and Technology, IOP)


Roy Zuijderduin, Oleg Chevtchenko, Johan Smit, Gert Aanhaanen, Rob Ross (Chosen by Editors, because it represents a good case study of broader interest)


S. S. Chouhan, G. Bollen, J. DeKamp, M. A. Green, D. Lawton, C. Magsig, D. J. Morrissey, J. Ottarson, S. Schwarz and A. F. Zeller (Chosen by Editors, because of possible particular interest to magnet designers)


M. Hoek, F. Coneri, D. P. Leusink, P. D. Eerkes, X. Renshaw Wang and H. Hilgenkamp (Invited by Superconductor Science and Technology, IOP)

Winners of SNF Contest:
Best EUCAS 2013 Contributed Manuscripts submitted to JPCS
Winning Preprints in Materials and Conductors

C. Barone, S. Pagano, E. Bellingeri, C. Ferdeghini, M. Adamo, E.. Sarnelli, F. Kaurth, B. Holzapfel and K. Iida


YF Zhang, W Zhou, Y Xu, B Li, D Zhou, K Tsuzuki, M Watasaki, M Miki and M Izumi


Cristian Cristache, Ignacio Valiente-Blanco, Efren Diez-Jimenez, Marco, Antonio Alvarez-Valenzuela, Nelson Pato and Jose Luis Perez-Diaz


T. Spina, C. Scheuerlein, D. Richter, L. Bottura, A. Ballarino, R. Flükiger

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