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German Workshop KRYO 2017

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July 21, 2017 (A392).  The annual German cryogenic workshop on cryogenic components (KRYO 2017) will be held this year in Bad Aibling, Germany, from October 8th to 10th, 2017.  It is being organized under the aegis of Walther-Meissner-Institute, Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Bad Aibling is a resort town at the picturesque foothills of Alps, south of Munich.  The meeting venue will be the four-star hotel “St. Georg”.

The program is oriented at scientists and engineers (including graduate students) from academia, research organizations, and industry.  Discussed will be the newest developments and trends in the following areas:

  • Superconducting qubits and quantum circuits
  • Components and their measurements
  • New Josephson junctions and hybrid devices
  • Cryoelectronic components & their characterization
  • SQUIDs, SQUIFs and Josephson arrays
  • Voltage standards, SET, RSFQ
  •  Integrated superconducting circuits & RSFQ
  • Microwave components and properties
  • Integrated superconducting circuits
  • Cryogenic detectors  
  • Cryocooling systems

The program includes tutorials, oral presentations, and posters.  Traditionally, the presentations can be made either in German or in English (in 2015-2016 almost all presentations were in English).  In the recent past, the Workshop used to be attended also by participants from other European countries.  Foreign attendees are always welcome.

The deadline for abstracts and registration is August 11, 2017.  The obligatory registration form is available at http://kryo2017.wmi.badw.de/anmeldung/.  The registration fee includes room and board.  It is EUR 310 for single and EUR 220 for double occupancy. 

The website http://kryo2017.wmi.badw.de/  of the Workshop (in German only) already contains all the necessary information, except the technical program. 

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