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International Editorial Office


Horst Rogalla, Editor-in-Chief
D. Scott Holmes, Co-editor Electronics & Physics
Herbert C. Freyhardt, Co-editor Materials, Conductors & Material Physics, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Kenichi Sato, Co-editor, Large Scale (thru 2018)
Kazuhiko Hayashi, Co-editor, Large Scale (beginning 2019)
Jennifir McGillis, Editorial Team, Content Editor

Associate Editors


Coenrad Fourie,  Digital Technology and Circuit Simulation
Ling Hao, Particle & Radiation Detectors and Readout
Keith Leslie, Geological and Other Unshielded Applications of SQUIDs
Per Magnelind, Biomagnetism and ULF-MRI
Masataka Ohkubo, Detectors and Standardization
Thomas Schurig, Metrology
Igor Vernik, Digital Technology and Quantum Computing
Lixing YouThin Film & Nanodevices, Detectors

Large Scale Applications

Kathleen Amm, Large Scale Applications
Daniel Ciazynski, Nuclear Fusion and ITER
Laifeng Li, ITER Superconductivity in China
Philippe Masson, Rotating Machines and Modeling
Minwon Park, Large Scale Applications in Korea
Frederic Trillaud Pighi, Superconducting Magnets in North and Latin America
Alexander Polasek, Large Scale and Related HTS Materials
Igor Rodin, Large Scale Applications in Russia & Russian speaking countries
Sataro Yamaguchi, Large Scale Applications in Japan
Qiuliang Wang, Superconducting Magnet in China
Stuart Wimbush, Large Scale Applications in New Zealand
Liye Xiao, Large Scale Applications in China
Teruo Izumi, Superconducting Materials, mainly in Japan
Takanobu Kiss, Materials: Characterization and Processing, mainly in Japan
Yanwei Ma, Materials in China
Alexey V. Pan, Vortex Matter and Superconducting Materials in Australia & New Zealand
Liudmila Potanina, Materials, mainly in Russia
Tatiana Prikhna, Materials, mainly in Ukraine
Teresa Puig, Materials, mainly in Europe
Sang-Soo Oh, Materials in Korea
Mike Sumption, Materials in the USA
Stuart Wimbush, Materials in New Zealand
Continental Guide Editors
Asia Guide (In preparation)
Europe Guide
Latin America Guide (In preparation)
North America Guide (In preparation)
Australia and New Zealand Guide (In preparation)