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S-Pulse Project Newsletter

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S-Pulse Project Newsletter

February 16, 2010 (HP28).  The European S-PULSE project in superconducting electronics publishes a Newsletter containing interesting articles and news from the field.  Thus far four issues appeared.   For example, titles in the latest issue dated January 2010 include:

  • “Towards a terahertz video cam: fast and cryogen-free security camera”,         by Torsten May,
  • “Superconducting thin film devices at VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, by Juha Hassel and Panu Helistö,
  • “High-Tc Josephson Square-Law Detectors and Hilbert Spectroscopy, by Yuri Y. Divin,
  • “NioCAD readies world’s first integrated SCE circuit design tool for commercial launch“, by Retief Gerber.

The Newsletter lists also selected upcoming events and presents highlights of those past.  We now added this project publication to our list of Resources under the name “S-PULSE Project Newsletter”.

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