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RN1 - Superconductivity Research in Bulgaria

Superconductivity Research in Bulgaria
Dimo I. Uzunov

CP Laboratory, Institute of Solid State Physics,
Bulgarian Academy of Sciences,
blvd. Tsarigradsko Chaussee, 72, BG-1784 Sofia, Bulgaria.
 Fax: +359-2-975 36 32, mobile phone: +359/0885339675.
e-mail: [email protected]

Abstract - History and present status of Bulgarian research in superconductivity are outlined. Present problems and societal issues affecting Bulgarian science in general are briefly discussed, and an approach to improving the situation proposed. This short review intends to emphasize the importance of fruitful participation of Bulgarian research teams in joint European scientific programs within the 7th Framework Program of the European Commission.

Manuscript received April 17, 2007; final revision April 29, 2007. Reference No. RN1; Category 11.