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RN12 - Recent Activities at ISTEC

Recent Activities at ISTEC

Shinya Hasuo

International Superconductivity Technology Center
Superconductivity Research laboratory
10-13, Shinonome 1-chome, Koto-ku, Tokyo 135-0062, Japan
E-mail: [email protected]

Abstract – This overview presents recent activities at ISTEC in Japan.   ISTEC has restructured its organization in order to concentrate the efforts toward practical applications of superconducting materials and films.   At SRL of ISTEC, remarkable results have been obtained in the previous NEDO projects in the fields of coated conductors and SFQ devices.   These results have been inherited by new NEDO projects, which are further progressing toward the practical applications of superconductivity.    The state of affairs of ISTEC and achievements of SRL/ISTEC are reviewed.

Keywords – Coated conductors, IBAD, M-PACC, NDE, PLD, SFQ, SQUID, TFA-MOD

Received September 7, 2009; accepted October 17, 2009.  Reference No. RN12; Categories 4, 5, 6.