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RN14 - The new Italian CNR Institute SPIN

The new Italian CNR Institute SPIN
(Superconductors, Oxides and Other Innovative Materials and Devices)

Ruggero Vaglio

Director , CNR-SPIN , Corso Perrone 24, 16152 Genova, Italy
Physics Department, University of Naples Federico II,  Via Cintia, 80124, Napoli
e-mail: [email protected]

Abstract - Recently a new CNR Institute named SPIN has been created in Italy.  It is fully devoted to the study of superconductors and other “innovative” materials and of their application in the fields of electronics and energy. In this paper, I briefly review the Institute’s history, mission, organization, human resources and equipment. Research objectives are also presented and examples given of recent scientific achievements.  The Institute collaborates internationally and is interested in initiating additional collaborations.

Keywords – unconventional superconductivity, oxypnictide, magnesium diboride, SQUID, mesoscopic device, single photon detector, ruthenate, MEMS, infrared spectroscopy, organic transistor, metamaterial

Submitted April 8, 2010; accepted April 27, 2010. Reference No. RN14; Category 1, 2, 4, 5.