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RN4 - Activities of the FLUXONICS Society

Activities of the FLUXONICS Society

F.H. Uhlmann and T. Ortlepp

Ilmenau University of Technology, Institute of Information Technology
P.O. Box 100 565, D-98684 Ilmenau, Germany
[email protected]

Abstract – We offer a brief overview of activities of the FLUXONICS Society, from its inception to the present status.  Its overall goal is to stimulate the development of digital superconducting electronics in Europe.  Its main activities are: (1) professional education through RSFQ Workshops, (2) development and maintenance of RSFQ cell library, (3) technical forecasting via a roadmap, and (4) linkage of and to European centers for superconducting low-temperature electronics, and the operation of FLUXONICS Foundry.

Manuscript received January 11, 2008; accepted January 17, 2008. Reference No. RN4; Category  4.


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