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RN5 - German Research Policy for Increased Energy

German Research Policy for Increased Energy Efficiency

Forum Notes from Presentation by
Knut Kübler, Head of Energy R&D Department
German Ministry of Economy (BMWi)

Abstract – These authorized notes, from a presentation by the German official responsible for coordination of the German Federal support for energy R&D, include the analysis of the status of energy supply in Germany, comparison of energy-related forecast with reality, evolution of energy supply and consumption in time, and the government guidelines for the future up to year 2020.  At present, renewable energies still represent a small fraction of the total energy balance, in spite of an enormous surcharge to taxpayers and consumers. It is shown that even modest increases of energy conversion efficiency can have an effect more significant than the gradual growth of the renewable energies contribution, and with no or far less indirect support.  Furthermore, the energy R&D budget is presented, together with the distribution of responsibilities between participating ministries and main directions (fields) of energy R&D currently supported by these ministries. 

Full text (PDF)
Notes authorized April 2, 2008.  Reference No. RN5; Category 6.


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