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STP429 - The Latest Trends of MOD REBCO Superconducting Coated Conductors in SWCC

The Latest Trends of MOD REBCO
Superconducting Coated Conductors in SWCC
T. Koizumi1, K. Kimura1, 2, R. Hironaga1, T. Nakamura1, Y. Takahashi1,
K. Takahashi1, Y. Hikichi1, M. Minowa1,  and T. Hasegawa1
1SWCC Showa Cable Systems Co., Ltd., 2ISTEC-SRL
Abstract - The REBCO (RE: Rare-earth, REBCO: REBa2Cu3Oy) high-Tc superconducting coated conductors are well known as one of the candidates of superconducting conductors for practical use. SWCC Showa Cable Systems developed low-cost REBCO coated conductors which are consisting of several layers. REBCO coated conductors have been developed using the metal-organic deposition (MOD) process including trifluoroacetates (TFA), and this since 1999. In 2008, we successfully developed 500 m-class YBCO coated conductors which had the critical current (Ic) values of 310 A/cm-width at 77 K in self field. Moreover, we successfully developed a way for introducing artificial pinning centers (APC) to control the degradation of superconducting properties in magnetic fields. The way was substitutions of Gd for a part of Y elements and introduction of nano-particle BaZrO3, which was a compound of Ba, O and Zr added in the raw material, in the superconducting layer using a large batch type furnace [1]. We successfully fabricated 100m-class REBCO with APC coated conductors which had Ic values of over 50 A/cm-width at 77 K in 3 T [2]. We will improve performance of REBCO coated conductors and develop products of superconducting applications, from now on. We have named the MOD REBCO coated conductors with APC “nPAD-YBCO®” (nPAD-YBCO®: nano particle artificial pinning center distributed YBCO). Recently, we successfully developed the low heat leakage superconducting current leads using “nPAD-YBCO®” for the superconducting equipment. Moreover, the nPAD-YBCO® superconducting current leads have been commercialized since 2013.
[1] Physics Procedia 27 pp204-207 2012
[2] IEEE Trans. Appl. Supercond. 23 No.3 2013 6601704.
Keywords (Index Terms) - REBCO HTS, metal-organic deposition, trifluoroacetates, artificial pinning centers.
IEEE/CSC & ESAS SUPERCONDUCTIVITY NEWS FORUM (global edition), January 2015.
Received December 15, 2014; Accepted December 16, 2014.  Reference STP429; Category 5.
This invited presentation WT-9-INV was given at the ISS 2014.