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CSC Technical Committee on Quantum

quantum hands imageJune 16, 2021.  CSC has created a Technical Committee on Quantum due to increased attention to “quantum” worldwide. As chairs of this new committee, we would like to describe what we had in mind in forming it and solicit interest from CSC members who would like to participate.

Quantum physics has always been one of nature’s most important tools for operating the universe, yet humans have made tremendous strides in the last few years in using quantum information for advancing strictly human interests. The new “quantum 2.0” is based on human understanding of the properties of quantum information and operations on that information. Humans then engineer everything from scientific experiments to products based on deliberate manipulation of quantum information.

The scope of many or even most IEEE conferences and publications now includes “quantum information science,” but the Technical Committee on Quantum is seeking to grow entirely new quantum communities. CSC already supports the Future Directions Committee’s Quantum Initiative and the cross-cutting Transactions on Quantum Engineering. However, news reports describe activities such as quantum education and public policy-type meetings on quantum, say, ethics that are not easily pigeonholed as a direct descendant of any currently existing field of study. As a technical example, quantum error correction can be seen as a descendent of error correction codes in telecommunications (modems), yet quantum codes are used as data for (quantum) Fourier transforms, which is not a use case anybody thought about before. There are many other technical examples.

So, Elie Track and I proposed that CSC create a new quantum committee. Ideally, participants would organize IEEE conference tracks, special sections of journals, standards, collaborations, and so forth. The new communities would bring new areas of expertise into IEEE’s domain, possibly becoming an important growth area for future IEEE membership.

CSC is an excellent IEEE organizational unit to host this effort because many of the societies affiliated with CSC directly support some qubit technology or, in the case of the Computer Society and ComSoc, quantum computing or communications systems.

If you have ideas on what the CSC committee on quantum should do—or if you are interested in joining—please email [email protected] or [email protected]. We have our own ideas and there are some activities underway that we will report on through this channel and others.

Erik P. DeBenedictis and Elie Track

Contributed by Tony Przybysz, SNF Co-editor Electronics (digital & quantum computing)

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