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Theva To Develop High-Temperature Superconductor For The Munich Grid

HP138June 13, 2019 (HP138). Industry consortium working with Munich public works to build a 12-kilometer high-tension line

A consortium of five partners, including THEVA, intends to build a high-temperature superconducting (HTS) transmission line in Munich. It will be the longest in the world by far. A declaration of intent has been signed, resulting in a development application to the German Federal Ministry of Economy. THEVA in Ismaning near Munich produces superconductors in series. As part of this project it will expand its product portfolio to include a conductor designed specifically for the cable application. HTS cables for electrical power distribution in cities are projected to be one of the most important and highest-revenue market segments for superconductors.

This project, called SuperLink, features extreme compactness combined with environmental neutrality, especially compared to conventional cables and overhead lines. The new HTS cable will make the Munich electrical grid ready for the future. Following successful completion of the subsidized development project, plans call for the construction of a 12-kilometer high-voltage line between the main transformer station in Menzing and the Munich South load centre using high-temperature superconductor (HTS).