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Superconductivity News Forum (Analog) Electronics Editor Application

The SNF is currently looking for an Superconductive (Analog) Electronics Editor

The Superconductivity News Forum aims at making important information from the field of Applied Superconductivity quicky available to the community. Since the area of Applied Superconductivity is quite vast, four areas, each headed by a Co-editor, have been identified:

  1. Large Scale Applications (Kazuhiko Hayashi)
  2. Materials (Herbert Freyhardt)
  3. Digital and Quantum Electronics (Anthony Przybysz)
  4. Analag Electronics (vacant)

We are now looking for a Co-editor for Superconductive Analog Electronics, which covers primarily the field of SQUIDs, Microwave Applications, and Sensors and Detectors. Interested colleagues should have a broad knowledge in the field and should be known to the community as an excellent representative of this research and application area. Good knowledge of the English language (USA) is required.

If you are interested, your application is very welcome.

Best Regards,

Horst Rogalla
Editor-in-Chief, Superconductivity News Forum

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