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SNF Issue No. 39, Preview No. 2, December 2016

Issue Date: 
Monday, Dec 12, 2016
Volume 10
Issue No. 39
SNF Issue No. 39
December 12, 2016
SNF Contest for Best ASC 2016 Contributed Preprints  PART II

Contributed preprints have been submitted to the SNF Contest for Best ASC 2016 Contributed Preprints in Electronics (E), Large Scale (L) and Materials & Conductors (M).  The deadline for entering the Contest was September 30, 2016, and the total number of submissions by that date was 43 preprints, of which two were later withdrawn and two others were ASC 2016 Student Paper Winners already pre-published in No. 38. Our Contest criteria were specified in the Announcement A359. Names of actual presenters at the ASC are underlined.

This Preview contains only the Contest results in L.





Impact of Remanent Magnetic Field on the Heat Load of Original CEBAF Cryomodule (Contest Winner)

Gianluigi Ciovati, Guangfeng Cheng, Michael Drury, John Fischer, and Rongli Geng



Heating and Loading Process Improvement for Indium Inserted Mechanical Lap Joint of REBCO Tapes (Contest Winner)

Tatsuki Nishio, Satoshi Ito, and Hidetoshi Hashizume



Training Behaviour of the Main Dipoles in the Large Hadron Collider (Contest Runner-Up)

E. Todesco, B. Auchmann, M. Bajko, L. Bottura, O. Bruning, G. De Rijk, P. Fessia, P. Hagen, S. Le Naour, M. Modena, J. C. Perez, L. Rossi, R. Schmidt, A. Siemko, J. Ph. Tock, D. Tommasini, A. Verweij, and G. Willering



Effect of Mechanical Support Conditions of Winding on the Strain Development of a Composite MgB2 Based Full Body MRI Coil (Contest Runner-Up)

A. A. Amin, T. N. Baig, R. J. Deissler, L. Sabri, D. Doll, M. Tomsic, O. Akkus and M. A. Martens



Monitoring Electrical and Thermal Characteristics of HTS Cable Systems via Time-Frequency Domain Reflectometry (Contest Runner-Up)

Geon Seok Lee, Gu-Young Kwon, Su Sik Bang, Yeong Ho Lee, Song Ho Sohn, Kijun Park, and Yong-June Shin



Design and Manufacturing of a Multistage Cooled Current Lead for Superconducting High Current DC Busbars in Industrial Applications (Contest Runner-Up)

Florian Schreiner, Bernd Gutheil, Mathias Noe, Wolfgang Reiser, Stefan Huwer, Claus Hanebeck, Carsten Räch, Marcus Röhrenbeck, and Fabian Schreiner



Superconducting Super Motor and Generator (Contest Runner-Up)

Minaru Kawamura and Jonathan A. Jones



Fully Automated AC Susceptometer for milli-Kelvin Temperatures in a DynaCool PPMS (Contest Runner-Up)

Andreas Amann, Manivannan Nallaiyan, Luis Montes, Alan Wilson, and Stefano Spagna