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SNF Issue No. 39, Preview No. 1, November 2016

Issue Date: 
Wednesday, Nov 30, 2016
Volume 10
Issue No. 39
SNF Issue No. 39
November 30, 2016
SNF Contest for Best ASC 2016 Contributed Preprints  PART I
Contributed preprints have been submitted to the SNF Contest for Best ASC 2016 Contributed Preprints in Electronics (E), Large Scale (L) and Materials & Conductors (M).  The deadline for entering the Contest was September 30, 2016, and the total number of submissions by that date was 43 preprints, of which two were later withdrawn and other two were ASC 2016 Student Paper Winners already pre-published in No. 38.   Our Contest criteria were specified in the Announcement A359.  Names of actual presenters at the ASC are underlined.
This Preview contains only the Contest results in E and M.  The evaluation of L preprints is delayed, most likely until mid-December.  Consequently, the Winners and Runners Up in L will appear later in a separate Preview.




Optimization of Transition Edge Sensor Arrays for Cosmic Microwave Background Observations with the South Pole Telescope (Contest Winner)

J. Ding, P. A. R. Ade, A. J. Anderson, et al.



A 220-GHz Compact SIS Receiver Module Utilizing a Broadband High-Gain Ultra-Low-Power IF Amplifier (Contest Winner and ASC Best Student Paper 1st Prize Winner)

S. Montazeri, P. K. Grimes, Cheuk-Yu E. Tong and J. C. Bardin (First Prize)



Reduction of the Supply Current of Single-flux-quantum Time-to-digital Converters by Current Recycling Techniques for the Operation in Cryo-cooler (Contest Winner)

K. Sano, T. Shimoda, Y. Abe, Y. Yamanashi, N. Yoshikawa, N. Zen, and M. Ohkubo



Synthesis Flow for Cell-Based Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametron Structural Circuit Generation with HDL Backend Verification (Contest Winner)

Qiuyun Xu, Christopher L. Ayala, Naoki Takeuchi, Yuki Murai, Yuki Yamanashi, and Nobuyuki Yoshikawa



Demonstration of Signal Transmission Between Adiabatic Quantum-Flux-Parametrons and Rapid Single-Flux-Quantum Circuits Using Superconductive Microstrip Lines (Contest Runner-Up)

F. China, N. Tsuji, T. Narama, N. Takeuchi, T. Ortlepp, Y. Yamanashi, and N. Yoshikawa



Design and Implementation of a 16-Word by 1-Bit Register File Using Adiabatic Quantum Flux Parametron Logic (Contest Runner-Up)

N. Tsuji, C. L. Ayala, N. Takeuchi, T. Ortlepp, Y. Yamanashi, and N. Yoshikawa



Design and Implementation of an SFQ-based Single-chip FFT Processor (Contest Runner-Up)

T. Ono, H. Suzuki, Y. Yamanashi, and N. Yoshikawa



Energy-Efficient and Compact ERSFQ Decoder for Cryogenic RAM (Contest Runner-Up)

I. V. Vernik, A. F. Kirichenko, O. A. Mukhanov, and T. A. Ohki



High-Inductance Bi-SQUID (Contest Runner-Up)

Victor. K. Kornev, Nikolay V. Kolotinskiy, Daniil E. Bazulin, and Oleg A. Mukhanov



Microwave Loss Measurements of Copper-Clad Superconducting Niobium Microstrip Resonators on Flexible Polyimide Substrates (Contest Runner-Up, not presented at ASC; submission to TASC Special Issue against fee)

Rujun Bai, George A. Hernandez, Yang Cao, John A. Sellers, Charles D. Ellis, David B. Tuckerman, and Michael C. Hamilton





Effects of Filament Size on Critical Current Density in Overpressure Processed Bi-2212 Round Wire (Contest Runner-Up)

Jianyi Jiang, Ashleigh Francis, Ryan Alicea, Maxime Matras, Fumitake Kametani, Ulf P. Trociewitz, Eric E. Hellstrom, and David C. Larbalestier



Ultra-small Diameter Round REBCO Wire with Robust Mechanical Properties (Contest Runner-Up)

Soumen Kar, Wenbo Luo, and Venkat Selvamanickam



A Public Database of High-Temperature Superconductor Critical Current Data (Contest Runner-Up)

Stuart C. Wimbush and Nicholas M. Strickland