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SNF Issue No. 7, January 2008

Issue Date: 
Thursday, Jan 01, 2009
Volume 3
Issue No. 7

Contents of 7th Issue
Issue Date: January 21, 2008

Editorial Comment

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ASC 2008 Papers Not Included in Special Issue No. 6
(See Issue No. 6)


ST111: International Workshop on Coated (HTS) Conductors for applications (CCA08) - Short papers (Extended Abstracts)

Critical Reviews (invited)


L. Fleischmann, M. Linck, A. Burck, C. Domesle, C. Höhn, S. Kempf, S. Lausberg, A. Pabinger, C. Pies, J.-P. Porst, H. Rotzinger, S. Schäfer, R. Weldle, A. Fleischmann, C.Enss, G.M. Seidel

Regional News


Antti Stenvall, Risto Mikkonen, Teemu Hartikainen, Mika Masti, Lauri Rostila, Maria Ahoranta and Aki Korpela

Science & Technology News

See ASC 2008 Papers Above

See CCA08 Short Papers Above