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SNF Issue No. 42, Preview No. 1, October 2017

Issue Date: 
Thursday, Aug 24, 2017
Volume 11
Issue No. 42
SNF Issue No. 42
August 24, 2017
16th International Superconductive Electronics Conference (ISEC 2017)
Runners Up of the SNF Contest for Best Contributed ISEC 2017 Presentation


Several presentations were submitted to this Contest. There are no Winners, but five Runners Up qualify for pre-publication.

Runners Up of the SNF Contest have been selected for pre-publication when rated “Very Good” by the SNF panel of experts. Evaluation and selection criteria are accessible in Guidelines for Authors. The grade “very good” is given contributions of valuable content, but containing minor defects not detracting from the overall value. Names of presenters are underlined. 

SNF congratulates all Runners Up authors!





Experimental Investigation of ERSFQ Circuit for Parallel Multibit Data Transmission

T. V. Filippov, D. Amparo, M. Y. Kamkar, J. Walter, A. F. Kirichenko, O. A. Mukhanov and I. V. Vernik



Performance Characterization of Microwave-multiplexed Transition Edge Sensors for X-ray Synchrotron Applications

O. Quaranta, D. Yan, T. Madden, L. Gades, U. Patel, A. Miceli, D. Becker, D. Bennett, J. Hays-Wehle, G Hilton, J. Gard, B. Mates, C. Reintsema, D. Schmidt, D. Swetz, J. Ullom, and L. Vale



Superconductor Electronics and the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems

D. Scott Holmes and Erik P. DeBenedictis



In-situ Fabrication of Topological-Superconducting Hybrids

Peter Schüffelgen, D. Rosenbach, M. Schleenvoigt, T. W. Schmitt, C. Li, A. R. Jalil, M. P. Stehno, G. Mussler, L. Kibkalo, M. Luysberg, C. Weyrich, B. Bennemann, S. Trellenkamp, E. Neumann, T. Schäpers, A. Brinkman, and D. Grützmacher



A Robust and Tree-Free Hybrid Clocking Technique for RSFQ Circuits – CSR Application

Ramy N. Tadros and Peter A. Beerel