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Call for Papers: Submission deadline is 15 September 2019.

(A435).  Call for Papers: Special Issue “Synthesis and Characterization of New Superconductors Materials.” This is an opportunity to submit either evidence-based original research or a review of the scientific literature. 

The submission deadline is 15 September 2019.

Special Issue Information:

In recent years, the saturation of the scientific interest in high-TC superconductor perovskites, i.e., cuprates, was accompanied by a new stream of works based on new families of compounds showing high critical temperature superconductivity, i.e., intermetallic borides (e.g. MgB2), iron–nickel-based superconductors (La(Fe,Ni)(Pn,Ch)O, (Pn,Ch= pnictide or chalcogenide ions), heavy fermion superconductors (e.g., CeCoIn5), and superhydrides systems (e.g., H3S). These discoveries revitalized the research in this field mainly for what concerns the fundamental aspects (synthesis, characterization, and modeling). Conventional BCS model is often the appropriate model to describe superconductivity but there are several important exceptions; at the same time, the role of crystal symmetry, the presence and type of magnetic ions in the structure, and the effect of external stimuli (i.e., the application of high isostatic pressures), seems to significantly affect the critical temperature. This Special Issue aims to attract scientific contributions providing new insights and advances in the synthesis and characterization of novel superconductor materials, addressing multiple aspects of the overall physical/chemical problem, specifically the following:

  • Synthesis and structural analysis
  • Magnetic and/or electric characterization of the superconductive transition
  • Structural effects on superconductivity
  • Effect of magnetism on the superconductive state
  • Role of crystal symmetry
  • TC dependence on external stimuli and/or non-ambient conditions
  • Theoretical modeling


Benefits of publishing in "Crystals":

  • Open Access (unlimited and free access by readers)

  • Thorough peer review

  • *Fast manuscript handling time*: a first decision provided to authors approximately 16 days after submission, the average processing time (from submission to publication) is *around 33 days*

  • *Immediate publication upon acceptance*

  • High publicity and more frequent citations

  • Coverage by *Scopus* and *Science Citation Index Expanded* (Web of Science) with the *impact factor* of 2.144

No space constraints (no restriction on the length of the papers, electronic files can be deposited as supplementary material)

Crystals is fully open access. Open access (unlimited and free access by readers) increases publicity and promotes more frequent citations, as indicated by several studies. Open access is supported by the authors and their institutes. The Article Processing Charges (APC) for accepted papers are CHF 1400. You may be entitled to a discount if you have previously received a discount code or if your institute is participating in the MDPI Institutional Open Access Program (IOAP), for more information see:

Dr. Edmondo Gilioli

Dr. Davide Delmonte

Guest Editors