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Community Statements on the Invasion of Ukraine

A statement on the invasion of Ukraine (ESAS)

A humanitarian crisis has been unfolding in Ukraine following the invasion on 24th February and subsequent escalation of aggression by Russian armed forces. The European Society of Applied Superconductivity (ESAS) community strongly condemns this unprovoked act of war, and affirms democratic Ukraine's sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity.

Our thoughts are with all those Ukrainian citizens now in harm’s way, and with those having to flee their homes to ensure their safety and that of their families. Our thoughts are also with those Russian citizens taking a brave stand against the war, often at great personal risk.

We are particularly concerned about the safety and wellbeing of colleagues in Ukraine’s higher education, research institutions and industries, and about the disastrous effect that this military aggression will have on the lives of thousands of students, scholars and researchers abroad. Current events will be especially worrying to our Ukrainian and Russian members with families and friends now directly caught up in armed conflict. 

People are asking what they, as individuals – and what ESAS, as a European society – can do to help at this time of deep crisis. Several initiatives can be found, depending on your country, to which people may wish to consider donating. To quote just a few: Libereco – Partnership for Human Rights1, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees2, International Council of the Red Cross3. The Ukrainian Institute4, in London, has listed alternative suggestions for people wishing to support Ukraine and Ukrainians. ESAS invites its members to contribute to a hardship fund for those affected by war.

In the meantime, ESAS will continue to pursue ways of supporting our members and colleagues, as well as supporting Ukrainian and Russian students, scholars and researchers more widely put at risk by this reckless and brutal act of aggression.

The mission of ESAS is bringing together scientists and engineers working in applied superconductivity in Europe. ESAS will continue to uphold its core value of scientific collaboration across borders as a driver for peace. The Society will do whatever it can or whatever is within its capabilities to continue to build bridges that allow free exchange of scientific knowledge, opinion and culture across all frontiers as we work through these difficult times.


A statement on the invasion of Ukraine by the Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (8 March 2022)

The Applied Superconductivity Educational Foundation (ASEF) represents a diverse international community of scientists, students, educators, and industrial partners. The ASEF Board strongly condemns the unprovoked Russian act of war and affirms democratic Ukraine's sovereignty and independence. Our deep concern is with the Ukraine citizenry including fellow colleagues and students who are now in harm’s way, many fleeing violence and death for the hope of safety. We encourage our members to contribute to the various crisis relief funds in support of the Ukrainian people. 

The mission of the ASEF, and its Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC), is to promote international exploration, learning and the exchange of scientific and technical ideas, breakthroughs and accomplishments, and to provide an array of educational and interactive experiences and events. ASEF believes scientific interaction and collaboration across geopolitical boundaries helps build bridges and make the world more connected with increased cultural understanding. We will therefore continue to interact with and support all of our international members around the world as allowed by U.S. law. The ASEF will not accept Russian sponsorship or advertising for ASC’22. 

The ASEF Officers

A. Lichtenberger, President, L. Chiesa, Vice President, B. Strauss and K. Amm, Treasurers, E. Hellstrom, Secretary

on behalf of the ASEF Board