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“News Forum” First Anniversary

“News Forum” First Anniversary

At the publication time of this fifth Issue, we celebrate the first anniversary of the “News Forum”.  Looking back at our first year of activity, we are happy to note the steadily increasing rate of visits to the Forum website.  Overall, by the time of this writing, we recorded about 8400 visits since late July 2007.  This makes us believe that the number of readers is increasing, and that the superconductivity community finds our service useful.  We use this opportunity to thank all contributors to the published five issues.

Unfortunately, one aspect of the Forum’s performance remains unsatisfactory: we do not receive spontaneously submitted material for publication (articles, highlights, etc.) or very little of it.  Most of the publications, which appeared thus far in these past five issues, had to be solicited.  Please note that this online publication is still operating as an experiment limited in time.  It is likely that we’ll discontinue publishing the Forum at the end of 2008, if there won’t be any marked improvement in the amount of publishable material spontaneously submitted by then.  Only active involvement of the superconductivity community can justify the expenditures and efforts currently making this Forum possible.  The Advisory Committee of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC ADCOM), which provides currently 100% of the necessary financial support and hosts the Forum on its server, is expected to soon vote on the tentative continuation or discontinuation of this service.  That might ocurr at the ADCOM meeting of August 16th, 2008.  Therefore, this might be one of our last appeals for more spontaneous contributions.

We signalize to our readers our intention to pre-publish a selection of most interesting and timely papers to be submitted to the upcoming Applied Superconductivity Conference.  These selected papers may appear in the two or three following issues of the Forum, several months before the possible publication of the peer-reviewed paper in IEEE Transactions on Applied Superconductivity.  A special announcement will be sent to potential authors soon, and will appear in the Forum Announcements.  

In contrast to previous issues, which contained mostly contributions on energy or power application, and on materials, this Issue is limited to a few papers essentially related to superconducting electronics.  The main feature is a review in two parts, devoted to “Recent Progress in Superconductive Digital Electronics”.  This different type of review highlights the contents of the Special Section published in IEICE Transactions on Electronics (March 2008), a Japanese journal not readily available in institutional libraries of Europe.  The review contains links to the authors of (mostly) invited IEICE papers, which permit the readers to directly request reprints.  We have been assured by these authors that they will honor our readers’ requests.

Finally, in the Regional News Section we provide a brief article on the Global Research Network “Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity” (NES, 2007-2012,) of which European activities are coordinated by Prof. Victor Moschalkov of the Catholic University of Leuven, Belgium.  This very active and productive network organizes attractive workshops and conferences.  The upcoming ones are listed in the article.