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The 13th Polish School on Superconductivity Held in a Resort of Sudety Mountains, Poland

The 13th Polish School on Superconductivity Held in a Resort of Sudety Mountains, Poland

January 19, 2008 (H19)  Since the discovery of high-temperature superconductivity in 1986, the Polish scientific community working in this field has organized its meetings every 18 months to exchange new ideas and promote cooperation.  The formula and the main subject of the meetings have evolved since 1986 to reflect current scientific problems in the area.  In November 2007, the latest of these meetings was organized by the Institute of Low Temperature and Structure Research (Wrocław) in cooperation with International Laboratory of High Magnetic Fields and Low Temperatures (Wrocław), Institute of Physics(Warsaw) and Institute of Molecular Physics (Poznań).

This year’s event was named: “13th Polish School of Superconductivity: Superconductivity, spin and charge ordering”. The local Organizing Committee was formed of Prof Jan Klamut, Prof. Krzysztof Rogacki, Prof. Andrzej Zaleski  and Dr. Tomasz Zaleski, while the Scientific Committee consisted of Prof. Henryk Szymczak, Prof. Jan Klamut, Prof. Andrzej Szytuła, Prof. Roman Micnas, Prof. Karol Wysokiński, Prof. Józef Spałek and Prof. Jan Stankowski.

More than hundred scientists from Polish Universities and Institutes working in the field took part in the meeting between November 6th and 10th, 2007.  The school was organized in a very picturesque resort - Lądek Zdrój in Sudety Mountains, which created a most pleasant background for many fruitful discussions. The scientific program of the meeting consisted of 34 oral presentations and two poster sessions, during which more than 50 posters were presented.  Figure 1 shows the audience during one of talks.  The presentations, in Polish or English, covered broad list of subjects from high-temperature superconductivity, conventional superconductivity (both theoretical and experimental studies), magnetism, colossal magnetoresistance, tunneling etc. More information about the School and its program can be found at:  Proceedings the School will be published (in English only) in the summer issue of Acta Physica Polonica A (

During the meeting, the Board of the School selected the most valuable poster (both topically and graphically).  The contest was won by the poster “The SHS technology involvement for novel SiC-doped composite Cu-Mg-B wires” by Dr. Andrzej Morawski from the High Pressure Institute in Warsaw, with coauthors: A. Kario,  M. Smaga,  B. A. Glowacki, S. Hoppkins,  A. J. Zaleski, D. Gajda  and  R. Diduszko.

The next meeting, the 14th Polish School of Superconductivity, will be held in Poznań, in 2009.

Fig. 1.  The audience during one of oral presentations