Call for Contributions

We Solicit Contributions to Upcoming Issues

Submissions are being solicited, subject to review and approval. We invite members of the global superconductivity community to submit online contributions in the following categories:

  • Announcements
  • Event Highlights
  • Letters to the Editor
  • New Papers and Results Highlights (Sci. & Techn. Highlights)
  • Regional News and History Papers
  • Reviews
  • Science & Technology Communications
  • Science and Technology Papers

In addition, online issues of Superconductivity News Forum contain invited overviews of selected activity areas and of topics of interest. Suggestions and proposals for reviews by potential authors can be submitted at any time.

When planning to write and submit the same article both to the News Forum and to a peer-reviewed regular journal, please consult the “Copyright of Journals” information. The Forum articles have the status of electronic preprints. Regular papers rejected by an Editor will be reviewed by one or two members of the Editorial Board. Editor’s selection (for possible pre-publication) of papers submitted to any conference proceedings is irrevocable.

When submitting any material for online publication, the current Guidelines for Authors need to be followed. Submitted material and all Forum correspondence should be directed to [email protected]. Acknowledgments of receipt are issued. The submitting author will be notified of acceptance, rejection or need for revision and discussion with the Editor(s), usually within 30 days. News including announcements, highlights, etc., are published daily, while all categories of papers are published quarterly.

We welcome suggestions for improvement of the News Forum. Our intent is to serve the superconductivity community worldwide in the best possible way. Suggestions and wishes of our authors and readers are thus essential for us.


The Superconductivity News Forum Team