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Cambridge Research on Bulk HTS Featured in UK Media

July 29, 2010 (HP36). The Cambridge University research on bulk (recrystallized, large-grain) HTS superconductors, which can serve as powerful permanent magnets when cooled to liquid nitrogen temperature got recently some exposure in the UK national media.  Professor David Cardwell, the group leader, was featured twice in the past few weeks.  A brief voice interview with David, by “BBC Today” of July 9th, 2010, can be reproduced by clicking:  A longer and more didactic video by “YouTube”, also featuring David can be viewed at:  It is certainly very important to inform broad audiences of the potential of superconductivity technology; as long as no untenable promises are made for the future.  We congratulate David on his realistic, but exciting presentations!  

The state-of-the art in bulk HTS worldwide is being presented at the PASREG 2010 (7th International Workshop on Processing and Applications of Superconducting REBCO Large Grain Materials) meeting, which started today in Washington, DC, USA, immediately preceding the Applied Superconductivity Conference.  The program of the meeting is available here.  We shall feature selected PASREG papers in the forthcoming issue of ESNF.