Editorial Board

Sue Butler Houston, TX
David Cardwell Cambridge, England (ex-officio)
Lance Cooley Tallahassee, FL (ex-officio)
Antonio della Corte Rome, Italy
Cathy Foley Lindfield, Australia
Hans (J.W.M.) Hilgenkamp Enschede, The Netherlands
Bernhard Holzapfel  Karlsruhe, Germany (ex-officio)
Kaname Matsumoto Kitakyushu, Japan
Mathias Noe Karlsruhe, Germany (ex-officio)
Xavier Obradors Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
Alexander Polasek Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (ex-officio)
Federico Scurti Raleigh, North Carolina (ex officio)
Bruce Strauss Potomac, MD (ex-officio)
Elie Track Stamford, CT (ex-officio)
Vitaly Vysotsky Moscow, Russia


Additional members are still expected to join the Board. It advises the Editors of the News Forum and considers appeals by authors of rejected contributions. Correspondence to members of the Board should be addressed to [email protected], attention Board (or the name of the Board member).