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Editorial Comment: Summer Hole

Editorial Comment: Summer Hole

July 20, 2010 (E13).  Thus far, this summer we received and could accept only two submitted papers, which we are happy to present to our readers.  We interpret this low submission “summer hole” as a sign that most potentially interested authors are busily preparing papers for the upcoming Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) meeting in Washington, DC, USA (August 1 to 6, 2010). 

Indeed, the received review paper by Vitaly Vysotsky is the preliminary version of an invited talk to be given at the ASC.  This paper, “Russian Development Program on HTS Power Cables” is an authoritative overview by the current leader of this program at the Russian Scientific R&D Cable Institute (VNIIKP) located in Moscow.  The paper includes preliminary results on the three-phase 200 m long cable, which currently undergoes extensive testing at the Moscow test facility in R&D Center for Power Engineering, and will be installed in the Moscow power grid.  It is worthy of noting that VNIIKP is open for collaborations, also in foreign projects, and is ready to accept commercial orders for HTS power cables.

The Science & Technology Section features a paper by Pascal Tixador and N.T. Nguyen “Design of ReBaCuO-Coated Conductors for FCL”.  This paper addresses the design requirements for coated conductors suitable for HTS resistive fault current limiters.  The authors show that the coated conductor architecture and design can help to reduce the consequences of quench inhomogeneity along the conductor. They presented arguments for a high limiting current forcing the conductor to quench uniformly and for a moderate conductor resistivity to reduce the temperature differences.  Authors’ analysis is supported by experiments carried out utilizing two rather different coated conductors in various limiting conditions.

Our final note addresses again the upcoming ASC.  As in the recent past, we will be accepting ASC papers for possible prepublication.  The papers will be reviewed and selected by a panel of ESNF reviewers, fully independent of the ASC review team.  Details of this year’s submission procedure and the deadline will be announced at the ASC.  We invite interested authors to submit their papers for a possible selection.