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Editorial Introduction to Issue 14

Editorial Introduction to Issue 14

October 23, 2010 (E14).  This Special Issue No. 14 is devoted largely to invited papers presented at the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) 2010.

Of the six plenary talks presented, only two have been submitted for publication in the Transaction on Applied Superconductivity (TAS) 2011.  We have the pleasure to pre-publish both of these: the paper 1PL-03 on “Future Directions for Cuprate Conductors” presented by Judith MacManus-Driscoll, and the historical overview 5PL-03 on “US Navy’s Superconductivity Programs: Scientific Curiosity to Fleet Utility”, gived by Don Gubser, one of the two Conference Chairs. 

From each of the three ASC segments: “Electronics”, “Large Scale Applications” and “Materials” we pre-publish a representative sample of papers listed on the Contents page.  Additional invited papers might be included also in the next Issue 15 (January 2011).  The total number of invited papers presented at ASC 2010 amounts to 67.

Contributed ASC 2010 papers, to be selected from those submitted to ESNF, will be included in our Issue 15.  However, the Preview of those already selected by our panel of reviewers will be made accessible much earlier, in early November 2010.  According to our earlier announcement, the deadline for submitting additional invited and contributed ASC 2010 papers is November 20th, 2010.  We encourage the authors who did not submit until now to consider prompt submission.  No additional reminder will be distributed to authors.

In addition to the invited ASC papers, we present free-access reprints of two TAS papers awarded the Van Duzer Prize for the best contributed paper published by TAS during a calendar year.  The presentation of awards for years 2008 and 2009 to the authors was made at ASC 2010.  The two prize-winning papers, by François Roy et al. (2008 prize) and Sergey Ryabchun et al. (2009 prize), are listed at the bottom of the Contents page.  Earlier papers awarded the Van Duzer Prize for years 2005, 2006 and 2007 are also accessible via ESNF: click on “Van Duzer Prize Papers” in the left column of the ESNF homepage.

Finally, in addition to all the ASC-related papers, we are happy to publish a Regional News paper on “NioCAD - Brief History and Current Activities” by Jan Pool, Retief Gerber and Dirk Bull.  This is the first ever paper from South Africa we can present to our readers, and we certainly hope for more.  It presents the history, activity and objectives of a company, spun-off the University of Stellenbosch, which is dedicated to the development of electronic design automation software “NioPULSE”, suitable for superconducting digital electronic RSFQ (Rapid Single Flux Quantum) circuits.