Editorial Office


Editorial Office Expectations (list of duties by position)

Editorial Team

Xavier Obradors, Editor-in-Chief
Anthony Przybysz, Co-editor Electronics (digital & quantum computing)
Herbert C. Freyhardt, Co-editor Materials, Conductors & Material Physics, Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Kazuhiko Hayashi, Co-editor, Large Scale
Kristy Virostek, Editorial Team Manager, Managing Editor

Associate Editors


Christopher Ayala, Digital, Japan
Ling Hao, Particle & Radiation Detectors and Readout
Masataka Ohkubo, Detectors & Standardization
Lixing YouThin Film & Nanodevices, Detectors
Koos Zevenhoven, Biomagnetism & ULF-MRI, Europe

Large Scale Applications

Kathleen Amm, Large Scale Applications
Satoshi Awaji, Wide Applications, Japan
Hitoshi Kitagichi, Wide Applications, Japan
Scott Marshall, Superconducting Magnets, North and Latin America
Alexander Polasek, Large Scale Applications, Latin & South America
Pascal Tixador, Large Scale Applications, Europe
Qiuliang Wang, Superconducting Magnets in China
Stuart Wimbush, Large Scale Applications in New Zealand
Amalia Ballarino, Materials, Europe
Teruo Izumi, Superconducting Materials, mainly in Japan
Takanobu Kiss, Materials: Characterization & Processing, mainly in Japan
Yanwei Ma, Materials in China
Alexey V. Pan, Vortex Matter & Superconducting Materials in Australia & New Zealand
Tatiana Prikhna, Materials, mainly in Ukraine
Teresa Puig, Materials, mainly in Europe
Stuart Wimbush, Materials in New Zealand
Judy Wu, Materials, North America

Continental Guide Editors

Asia Guide (In preparation)
Europe Guide
Latin America Guide (In preparation)
North America Guide (In preparation)
Australia and New Zealand Guide (In preparation)