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International Editorial Office Contact Information

International Editorial Office Contact Information

This News Forum is edited by four Co-editors, responsible for the three major areas of applied superconductivity: Electronics (sub-divided), Large Scale (applications), and Materials.  Effective immediately, the editorial responsibility for these areas is as follows:

Electronics (Category 4):   

Anthony Przybysz

Materials (Categories 2, 3, 5): 

Herbert C. Freyhardt

Large Scale (Category 6):

Kazuhiko Hayashi

The remaining Categories are the joint responsibility of these four Co-editors. 

The Co-editors are advised by members of the Editorial Board, who also consider appeals of authors whose regular contributions the Co-editors rejected.  An ad hoc panel of reviewers may be occasionally assembled to evaluate conference papers submitted in large numbers for pre-publication in the Forum.  Their verdicts cannot be appealed.

Material submitted in all categories and sections of the News Forum should be directed to [email protected]



Dr. Xavier Obradors, Editor-in-Chief
The Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona, ICAMB-CSIC
Barcelona, Spain

Managing Editor:


Kristy Virostek, Managing Editor, Editorial Assistant
Columbia, Maryland, USA



Dr. Anthony Przybysz, Co-editor Electronics (Digital & Quantum Computing)
Northrop Grumman 
Linthicum, MD, USA

Prof. Dr. Herbert C. Freyhardt, Deputy Editor-in-Chief,
Co-editor Materials & Material Physics
University of Houston, Texas Center for Superconductivity (retired)
Email 2

Dr. Kazuhiko Hayashi, Co-editor Large Scale
Fellow, Superconductivity Technology Division
Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. (retired)

Associate Editors:



Dr. Christopher Ayala
Institute of Advanced Sciences
Yokohama National University, Japan

Prof. Ling  Hao
(Particle & Radiation Detectors and Readout)
Principal Research Scientist 
Quantum Detection Group
National Physical Laboratory, UK

Dr. Masataka Ohkubo
(Detectors & Standardization)
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan

Prof. Dr. Lixing You
(Thin Film & Nanodevices, Detectors)
State Key Lab of Functional Materials for Informatics
Shanghai Institute of Microsystem & Information Technology, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Koos Zevenhoven
(Biomagnetism & ULF-MRI) 
Scientist, Applied Modern Physics Group
Aalto University, Finland

Large Scale Applications

Kathleen Amm
Brookhaven National Laboratory
Long Island, NY, USA

Dr. Satoshi Awaji
Institute for Materials Research 
Tohoku University, Japan

Dr. Hitoshi Kitagichi
Research Center for Functional Materials, Japan

Dr. Scott Marshall
Florida State University
Tallahassee, FL, USA

Dr. Pascal Tixador
National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS), France

Prof. Qiuliang Wang
Applied Superconductivity Laboratory
Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences

Dr. Stuart C Wimbush
Senior Magnet Design Engineer
UK Atomic Energy Authority


Dr. Amalia Ballarino
Deputy Leader of the Magnets, Superconductors and Cryostats Group
CERN, Switzerland

Dr. Teruo Izumi 
Senior Researcher, Research Institute for Energy Conservation
Department of Energy & Environment
National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science & Technology, Japan 

Prof. Dr. Takanobu Kiss
Research Institute of Superconductor Science & Systems
Director of Low Temperature Center, Department of Electrical Engineering
Kyushu University, Japan

Prof. Dr. Yanwei Ma
Director of Superconducting Materials Group,
Institute of Electrical Engineering
Chinese Academy of Sciences

Prof. Alexey V Pan
Engineering and Information Sciences
Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
University of Wollongong

Prof. Dr. Tatiana Prikhna
Institute for Superhard Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
Chair of Chemistry
National University of Building and Architecture

Prof. Dr. Teresa Puig
Head of Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Nanostructures Department
Materials Science Institute of Barcelona, ICMAB 
Spanish National Research Council, CSIC

Dr. Stuart C Wimbush
Senior Magnet Design Engineer
UK Atomic Energy Authority

Dr. Judy Wu
Senior Magnet Design Engineer
UK Atomic Energy Authority

Continental Guide Editors:

Asia Guide

Ke-Xi Xu
Physics Department
Shanghai University


Europe Guide

Prof. Dr. Alex I. Braginski
Forschungszentrum Jülich
(Research Center Jülich)  
Jülich, Germany 


 Latin America Guide

Frederic Trillaud Pighi, PhD
Assistant Professor,
Coordinación Eléctrica y Computación
Instituto de Ingeniería
Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico

Dr. Alexander Polasek 
(Associate Editor for Large Scale Applications and related HTS Materials, mainly Fault Current Limiters and Materials Testing/Characterization)
Head of the Superconductivity Laboratory
Cepel - Electric Power Research Center


North America Guide

Dr. Robin Cantor
STAR Cryoelectronics


Australia and New Zealand Guide

Assoc. Prof. Alexey V Pan
(Associate Editor for Vortex Matter and Superconducting Materials in Australia and New Zealand)
Leader, Thin Film Technology Group
School of Physics
Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences
University of Wollongong

Coordinator, Thin Film Technology Program
Institute for Superconducting and Electronic Materials
Australian Institute for Innovative Materials
University of Wollongong

Dr. Stuart C Wimbush
(Associate Editor for Superconducting Materials and Large Scale Applications in New Zealand)
Senior Scientist, Robinson Research Institute
Victoria University of Wellington