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Editorial Remarks on the ESNF Evolution

Editorial Remarks on the ESNF Evolution
April 27, 2013 (E24).  With the roster of our Co-Editors and Associate Editors expanding and covering a good part of the globe, we initiated this year the period of gradual transformation of the European Superconductivity News Forum (ESNF), which was initiated in 2007, into a global or worldwide Superconductivity News Forum.  While we did not yet settle on our new name and acronym, we started already to modify our content.
After 2007, important and welcome developments in the peer-reviewed journal publications have been the rising introduction of free-access journals, although these still await broader acceptance, and the change in referencing papers appearing in the well-established subscription journals.  In the growing number of these, instead of citing the first and occasionally last page of a paper, a number is now being assigned to any paper.  This permits the subscription journals to make papers accessible online upon their acceptance with the proper and final reference citation.  Consequently the demand for pre-publication of papers prior to their final hardcopy appearance is slowly declining.  Naturally, in especially “hot” areas, such as quantum computing, for example, the interest in not-yet-refereed electronic preprints is large.
Responding to this evolution in scientific publications we decided to emphasize very short publications such as progress reports and highlights on papers already accessible online in selected subscription journals, while still soliciting not-yet-refereed electronic preprints either already submitted or to be submitted to peer-reviewed journals.   Consequently and effective immediately, the ESNF section “Science & Technology News” is split into the following four sections:
Science & Technology Communications
Science & Technology Highlights
Science & Technology Papers
Science & Technology Presentations.
The present Issue exemplifies that change.  In the following months other changes will be gradually introduced.  The “New Paper Highlights” published in the period since the appearance of our last (previous) issue will now be also listed in each new issue Contents, but only if they briefly summarize the already published peer-reviewed scientific papers that in our opinion may deserve special attention.  We hope this may enhance their visibility.
The Contents list of the present Issue No. 24 is sufficiently short to permit refraining here from any comments on the individual contributions listed.