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Editors’ Overview of Issue 7

Editors’ Overview of Issue 7

We present the first regular ESNF issue (No.7), which mainly, but not only, contains conference preprints.  We publish here the remaining preprints of the Applied Superconductivity Conference 2008, not included in the Special Issue No. 6, which was devoted exclusively to preprints of that conference submitted to ESNF and accepted by us after a review. We also publish short papers (Extended Abstracts) of the International Workshop on Coated Conductors for Applications (CCA08), held in Houston, TX, in early December 2008.  These 35 short papers represent all Extended Abstracts (EAs) submitted to the Workshop, but only a fraction of actual presentations.  The full program of CCA08 has been listed for a limited time only at   These EAs were edited in a perfunctory manner and not reviewed.

Regular papers of this Issue include a brief critical review of metallic magnetic microcalorimeters (MMAs), a new and promising variety suitable for detection of energetic particles (x-rays, gamma rays).  It was written by a group of authors from the Heidelberg team, which for this subject is the leading one in Europe.  Several more recent papers on that subject can be found in Journal of Low Temperature Physics 151, Issue 3-4 (Proceedings of the 12th International Workshop on Low Temperature Detectors, LTD12 – Part II, 2008):

Finally, our Regional News section features an overview of “Doctoral Theses in the Field of Large Scale Superconductivity in Finland”.  This is the first such overview in ESNF.  We invite other major European university groups active in either fundamental or applied superconductivity to submit overviews of their recent doctoral dissertations.