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The ESAS 2011 Board Election

The ESAS 2011 Board Election
October 11, 2011 (PE3).  During the Superconductivity Centennial Conference held in The Hague, The Netherlands, September 17 to 23, 2011, the ESAS General Meeting (held on September 22nd) elected new ESAS Board members.
Generally, the ESAS Board is composed of:
a) Members appointed by the General Meeting
b) Two members from the ASC Board, nominated by the ASC Board
c) Up to two members from Asia, invited by the ESAS Board
d) Up to two members from CONECTUS, nominated by CONECTUS
e) One member representing the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC)
f) The chairmen of the previous and next EUCAS conference.
The following members retired from the Board and deserve thanks for their dedicated service:
  • Ludwig Schultz (Chair of EUCAS'09)
  • Andrea Gauzzi
  • Tatiana Prikhna
  • Sergio Zannella

Furthermore, Osami Tsukamoto (Asia/Japan representative) proposed to be replaced by Hiroyuki Ohsaki, who accepted this responsibility.

The new or continuing officers of ESAS are:

  Matthias Noe            - President
David Cardwell         - Treasurer
Bernhard Holzapfel    - Secretary

They deserve thanks for accepting these responsibilities and their willingness to serve the European superconductivity community.  The past President, Xavier Obradors and the past secretary, Pascal Tixador deserve special thanks for their past service. We provide short resumes of the newly elected or re-elected members of the Board and congratulate them on their election.  We also provide the full roster of the current ESAS Board members including their functions and institutional affiliations.