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EUCAS 2009 Issue Published by SuST

February 23,2010 (HP29).  We attract the attention of our readers to the March 2010 Issue of Superconductor Science and Technology (SuST), which was released online today.  It contains selected EUCAS 2009 papers: all plenary papers, selected invited papers and a few contributed papers.  The latter were selected at the conference by respective Session Chairs as especially worthy of readers’ attention.  The remaining contributed papers, accepted after the reviewing process, will soon appear in Journal of Physics Conference Series (JPCS). 

The selection now published by SuST is not identical with the selection pre-published in the January 2010 Issue of ESNF.  Until the end of 2010, full texts of all articles included in the March 2010 Issue of SuST are accessible free-of-charge at: