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The FEYNMAN Tools for Quantum Information Processing: Design and Implementation

June 09, 2014 (HP79).  Under the title above, Stephan Fritzsche from the Jena University Institute of Theoretical Physics, Germany, published in Computer Physics Communications (CPC) 185, 1697-1814 (2014), a description of recently upgraded tools to help support a good deal of computational tasks in quantum information processing, such as the definition, manipulation and parametrization of quantum states, the evaluation of quantum measures and quantum operations, the evolution of quantum noise in discrete models, quantum measurements and state estimation, and several others. In particular, he and colleagues have recently re-designed these tools with the goal to establish and implement a high-level (computer) language that is capable to deal with the physics of finite, n-qubit systems, from frequently required computations to mathematically more advanced tasks.  
The program appears to have a similar scope to that called QTIP, which has been developed in Japan by the Franco Nori group at RIKEN, Japan, and is popular both in the quantum optics and the superconducting device world.  At a later time, we might be able to publish a critical evaluation of the highlighted program.  At present, the purpose of this highlight is mainly to attract the attention of those involved in computation of quantum information processes.  For download of the code, and a link to the paper abstract, please follow the link to Computer Physics Communication:
The author wishes to stimulate further discussion or extensions to the code. Consequently, he can be contacted for additional information and a PDF file of the CPC paper at the Helmholtz-Institut Jena, Fröbelstieg 3, D-07743 Jena, Germany; phone: +49 3641 947606; fax: +49 3641 947602, or via e-mail.