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Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity

March 30, 2011 (HP39).  In 2010, a book on “Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity” appeared in the Springer-Verlag (Springer Publishers) book series „Nanoscience and Technology” (  This book, edited by Victor Moschalkov, Roger Wördenweber and Wolfgang Lang, is really a collection of review articles on topics included in the European Science Foundation (ESF) research program (2007-2012) named “Nanoscience and Engineering in Superconductivity”, see ( and also RN7.  The articles, written by authors from participating European research groups, overview and highlight advances attained thus far in their ongoing activities.  The roster of co-authors includes some of rather well-known researchers active in the field. 

This nearly 400 pages book can useful to readers wishing to familiarize themselves with the contents and status of European research in the field and can also serve as an introduction to covered subjects, which are defined by article titles listed below as in the book Contents:

  1. Guided Vortex Motion and Vortex Ratchets in Nanostructured Superconductors, by A.V. Silhanek, J. Van de Vondel and V.V. Moschalkov.
  2. High-Tc Films: From Natural defects to Nanostructure Engineering of Vortex Matter, by R. Wördenweber.
  3. Ion Irradiation of High- Tc Superconductors and its Application to Nanopatterning by W. Lang and J.D. Pedarnig.
  4. Frontier Problems of the Josephson Effect: From Macroscopic Quantum Phenomena Decay to High- Tc Superconductivity, by A.Barone, F. Lombardi and F. Tafuri.
  5. Intrinsic Josephson Tunneling in c Superconductors, by A. Yurgens and D. Winkler.
  6. Stacked Josephson Junctions, by S. Madsen, N.F. Pedersen and P.L. Christiansen.
  7. Point-contact Spectroscopy of Multigap Superconductors (MgB2 and 122-type Iron Pnictides), P. Samuely, P. Szabó, Z. Pribulová and J. Kačmarčik.
  8. nanoscale Structures and Pseudogap in Under-doped High- TcSuperconductors, by M. Saarela And F.V. Kusmartsev.
  9. Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopy of High- Tc Cuprates, by I. Maggio-Aprile, Ch. Berthod, N. Jenkins, Y. Fasano, A.Piriou and Ø. Fischer.
  10. Scanninf Tunneling Spectroscopy of Vortices with Normal and Superconducting Tips, by J.G. Rodrigo, H. Suderow and S. Vieira.
  11. Surface Superconductivity Controlled by Electric Field, by P. Lipawský, J. Koláček and K. Moravetz.
  12. Polarity-dependent Vortex Pinning and Spontaneous Vortex-Antivortex Structures in Superconductor/Ferromagnet Hybrids, by S.J. Bending, M.V. Miloševič and V.V. Moschalkov.
  13. Superconductor/Ferromagnet Hybrids: Bilayers and Spin Switching, J. aarts, C. Attanasio, C. Bell, C. Cirillo, M. Flokstra and J.M. v.d. Knaap.
  14. Interplay between Ferromagnetism and Superconductivity, by J. Linder and A. Sudbø.

DISCLAIMER: This highlight is not intended to serve as a review of the book content.  We do not express any professional opinion on the presented material.