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New Book: Superconducting State – Mechanism and Properties

July 15, 2014 (HP84).  Oxford University Press published a new book on Superconducting State – Mechanism and Properties authored by Vladimir Z. Kresin, Hans Morawitz and Stuart A. Wolf (ISBN 978-0-19-965255-6).  This book focuses on mechanisms of superconductivity, including various spectroscopic methods and data attempting to elucidate these mechanisms in novel high-Tc superconductors.  The vortex matter and Josephson effects are not included.  Novel superconducting materials discussed in the book include not only the various cuprate compounds, but also iron-based pnictides and chalcogenides, as well as magnesium doboride.   Also included are novel topics in superconductivity such as multiband superconductors, the pseudogap and unusual isotope effects.
Physics Today published a very positive review of Superconducting State in its June Issue [1].  It was written by Yuri Galperin (University of Oslo, Norway).  Members of American Physical Society (APS) and institutional subscribers can find this review at

 [1]  Y. Galperin, Physics Today 67, No. 6, 50-51 (2014).