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New Issue of S-Pulse Project Newsletter

October 26, 2010 (HP37).  The European S-PULSE project in superconducting electronics publishes a Newsletter containing articles and news from the field from which a relative layman can obtain a general picture of current European activities in superconducting electronics, with some emphasis on digital (RSFQ) electronics.  This Newsletter seems to be oriented more at the EU political decision makers than at the members of the superconductivity community.  Nevertheless, it may be also useful for professionals interested in gauging the European status and progress in the field. 
The contents of the new Issue of the Newsletter (No. 5, June-July 2010) include the following titles:

The 2010 European Roadmap
on Superconductive Electronics – Status

  • Perspectives
    P. 1-2
  • High-Tc SQUID-based MEG:
    A new technology pull for
    P. 3
  • Superconducting Technology Highlight:
    Superconductive Electronics
    made by FLUXONICS Foundry
    P. 4-5
  • Optical Interface for Superconductor
    P. 6-7
  • 2nd Karlsruhe Detector Workshop 2010
    P. 8
  • S-Pulse workshop on (micro) cooling:
    requirements and future actions
    P. 9-10
  • Savoie Workshop
    on Superconducting Electronics
    P. 11
  • Upcoming events

The collection of all S-Pulse Newsletters published to date  is included in our list of Resources under the name “S-PULSE Project Newsletter”.