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New Superconductor with Tc > 50 K

May 23, 2008 (H25). A group of Chinese authors reported in the latest paper published inSuperconductor Science and Technology (SuST) on the recently discovered FeAs-based superconducting compounds.

“Superconductivity at 53.5 K in GdFeAsO(1-δ)” by Z-A Ren et al. reports the fabrication and superconductivity of the iron-based arsenic-oxideGdFeAsO(1-δ) compound with oxygen-deficiency, which has an onset resistivity transition temperature of 53.5 K.  This material has the same crystal structure as the high-Tc ReFeAsO1−δ family (Re = rare earth metal) newly discovered by Kamihara et al[1].  TheGdFeAsO(1-δ) has a further reduced crystal lattice, while the Tc is lower than in the SmFeAsO1−δsystem. 

As a rapid communication, this SuST paper is permanently free for everyone to read at


Fig. 1.  The temperature dependence of the dc susceptibility and the differential ZFC curve for the nominal GdFeAsO0.85 sample synthesized by the high-pressure synthesis (HP) method.

[1] Kamihara Y, et al., J. Am. Chem. Soc130 3296 (2008).