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Theoretical Papers by Yatendra S. Jain

January 5, 2013 (HP52). Prof. Yatendra S. Jain (Department of Physics,North-Eastern Hill University,India; retired) submitted two theoretical papers to ESNF. Their titles are:
The author believes that:
1.  In variance with long time belief, he found a way to develop the microscopic theory of a N-particle system by using the first quantization approach. 
2. Following a simple but critical analysis, he has been able to conclude why BCS theory (or similar theories) of superconductivity developed by using single particle basis with plane wave representation of electrons have limited success in providing complete, clear and experimentally consistent microscopic understanding of the phenomenon.   
3. For the first time he proposes a universal theory which can be used to build system-specific or class-specific theory of widely different superconductors.
Prior to thorough reviews now pending, ESNF cannot endorse or refute the papers and the claims above. However, considering that both papers are already posted in Internet and in the interest of information dissemination, we decided to abide by the author’s request and make links to these two papers accessible in this Highlight.