Reviews Archive

Superconductive Electronics with High-Tc Superconductors
Horst Rogalla
October 25, 2016
FCC – High Energy Collider
Michael Benedikt
September 4, 2016
30 Years to HTS: Status and Perspectives
Carmine Senatore
September 4, 2016
High-Temperature Superconductivity: From History to Mastery
Laura Greene
September 4, 2016
CR70 Introduction to Nb-based SQUID Sensors
Dietmar Drung
March 2, 2016
Activities of Chinese National Technical Committee on Superconductivity
J. Li
November 25, 2015
Development of High Performance Iron-based Superconducting Wires and Tapes
Dr. Yanwei Ma
November 22, 2015
The Possible Application of HTS for Future DC Power Grid
Liye Xiao, Liangzhen Lin, Qingquan Qiu, Zhifeng Zhang, Guoming Zhang, Ercang Luo
November 22, 2015
Road to Higher Tc Superconductivity
Shin-ichi Uchida
November 16, 2015
High Current HTS Cables - Status and Actual Development
Walter H. Fietz, Michael J. Wolf, Alan Preuss, Reinhard Heller, Klaus-Peter Weiss
October 28, 2015
Water Cooled Resistive Magnets at CHMFL
B.J. Gao, L.R. Ding, Z.J. Wang, Y. Zhang, J. Li, J. Su
October 22, 2015
Progress on Conceptual Design of the K-DEMO Magnet System
Keeman Kim
October 18, 2015
A Golden Anniversary: 50 Years of Superconductivity at MT
David G. Hawksworth
October 18, 2015
CRP61 Single-electronTransport and the New Standard for Electrical Current
Hansjörg Scherer
September 27, 2015
MgB2 and the Iron-based Superconductors
Marina Putti
September 6, 2015
Status of Superconducting Materials and Applications in China
Pingxiang Zhang
September 6, 2015
Superconducting Metamaterials
A.V. Ustinov, P. Jung, S. Butz, N. Maleeva, A. Averkin, N. Abramov, K. Shulga, V. P. Koshelets, L. V. Filippenko, V. Chichkov, A. Karpov, V. Shitov, V. V. Ryazanov
September 6, 2015
HTS Roebel Cable Research from KIT and Partners
Wilfried Goldacker
September 6, 2015
Nanocomposite REBCO Coated Conductors in Japan - Status and Future
Dr. Teruo Izumi
September 6, 2015
Coherent Quantum Phase Slip
J.S. Tsai
July 6, 2015
Bulk Superconducting Materials –Ready for Applications?
John Durrell
July 2, 2015
Superconducting Turboelectric Distributed Aircraft Propulsion
Michael Armstrong
July 1, 2015
CRP50 Opportunities of Solution Grown YBCO Coated Conductors. Let’s Push them further.
Prof. Dr. Teresa Puig
November 30, 2014
CRP49 Recent Progress of HTS SQUID Applications in Japan
Keiichi Tanabe
November 25, 2014
CRP48 High-Field Applications of HTS Tape
Yukikazu Iwasa
November 25, 2014
CRP47 Materials Trends in Different Classes of Superconductors from Heavy Fermion Compounds to Iron Pnictides and Beyond
M. Brian Maple
November 25, 2014
Advances in MgB2 Conductors
René Flükiger
August 10, 2014
High-current HTS Cables for Magnet Applications
Luisa Chiesa
August 10, 2014
Cryogenics at the European Spallation Source
John G. Weisend II, Philipp Arnold, Jaroslaw Fydrych, Wolfgang Hees, John Jurns, Xilong Wang
July 18, 2014
Engineering and Materials Challenges in ITER Toroidal Magnet System
Arnaud Foussat
July 11, 2014
Space Cryocooler Developments
Lionel Duband
July 7, 2014
Challenges and Status of ITER Conductor Production
Arnaud Devred, I. Backbier, D. Bessette, G. Bevillard, M. Gardner, C. Jong, Neil Mitchell, F. Lillaz, Romano Vostner, A. Vostner
March 18, 2014
CRP41 Summary of Wires, Tapes and Characterization Talks at ISS 2013
Dr. Teruo Izumi, Sang-Soo Oh
November 20, 2013
High current superconductors: overcoming the materials challenges to achieve power applications
Dr. Xavier Obradors
October 15, 2013
CRP40 Modern AC Josephson Voltage Standards at PTB
Johannes Kohlmann, Franz Müller, Oliver Kieler, Thomas Scheller, Rüdiger Wendisch, Bert Egeling, Luis Palafox, Jinni Lee, Ralf Behr
October 8, 2013
Let's Twist (again); Developments Related to Topology in Superconducting Electronics
Hans (J.W.M.) Hilgenkamp
September 15, 2013
CRP39 Impact of Superconducting Devices on Imaging in Neuroscience
G.L. Romani , S. Della Penna, V. Pizzella
September 15, 2013
CR32 Computation of Losses in HTS Under the Action of Varying Magnetic Fields and Currents
Francesco Grilli, Enric Pardo, Antti Stenvall, Doan N. Nguyen, Weijia Yuan, Fedor Gömöry
July 29, 2013
CR31 A Review on Quantum Metrology Triangle Experiments
Hansjörg Scherer, Benedetta Camarota
June 25, 2013
CR34 Cryogenics for the Large Hadron Collider (LHC): from Construction to Operation and Future Upgrades
Philippe Lebrun
June 17, 2013
CR33 Selection and Properties of Structural Materials for Cryogenic Applications
S. Sgobba
June 17, 2013
CR30 Vortex Matter Research Using Electron Microscopy: Memorial to Akira Tonomura
Ken Harada, Nobuyuki Osakabe, Yoshimasa A. Ono
July 15, 2012
CR25 Fluctuator Model of Memory Dip in Hopping Insulators
Alexander L. Burin, Arkady K. Kurnosov
January 24, 2012
CR24 Kinetic Inductance Detectors
Joachem Baselmans
January 20, 2012
CR27 The Large Hadron Collider Project and Superconductivity
Tejinder S. Virdee
September 22, 2011
CR29 Compounds with Higher Superconducting Transition Temperatures: a Search with Still Undefined Rules
David Larbalestier, Peter J. Lee
September 21, 2011
CR26 Materials Process and Applications of Single Grain (RE)-Ba-Cu-O Bulk High-temperature Superconductors
Beizhan Li, Difan Zhou, Kun Xu, Shogo Hara, Keita Tsuzuki, Motohiro Miki, Brice Felder, Zigang Deng, Mitsuru Izumi
September 18, 2011
CR22 Superconducting Generators for Large Wind Turbine: Design Trade-off and Challenges
Philippe Masson, Vernon Prince
June 16, 2011
CR21 A Century of Superconducting Technology
Martin N. Wilson
June 13, 2011
CR23 How Superconductors Became Practical: A Walk Through the History and Science of Flux Pinning
Prof. Dr. Herbert Freyhardt
June 13, 2011
CR28 Quantum Computing: An IBM Perspective
Matthias Steffen, D.P. DiVincenzo, J.M. Chow, T.N. Theis
March 29, 2011
CR20 Future Directions for Cuprate Conductors
Judith L. MacManus-Driscoll, Dr. Stuart Wimbush
January 24, 2011
CR19 US Navy’s Superconductivity Programs: Scientific Curiosity to Fleet Utility
Donald U. Gubser
November 11, 2010
Nanocomposite Coated Conductors: Towards Optimal Vortex Pinning for High Field Applications
Prof. Dr. Teresa Puig
September 6, 2010
CR18 Russian Development Program on HTS Power Cables
Vitaly Vysotsky, Victor Sytnikov
July 1, 2010
CR17 Prospect of High-Field MRI
Tatsuhiro Hisatsune, Hiroo Ikehira, Kiyoshi Tsukasa
April 12, 2010
CR16 Superconductivity: Its Role, Its Success and Its Setback in the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) of CERN
Lucio Rossi
February 22, 2010
CR15 New Fe-based Superconductors: Properties Relevant for Applications
Marina Putti, I. Pallecchi, E. Bellingeri, M. Tropeano, C. Ferdeghini, A. Palenzona, Chiara Tarantini, Akira Yamamoto, J. Jiang, F. Kametani, D. Abraimov, A. Polyanskii, J.D. Weiss, Eric Hellstrom, A. Gurevich, David Larbalestier, R. Jin, B. C. Sales, S. A. Sefat, M. A. McGuire, D. Mandrus, P. Cheng, Y. Jia, H.H. Wen, S. Lee, C.B. Eom
February 22, 2010
CR14 Grain Boundaries in the Cuprate Superconductors: Tapes and Tunneling Spectroscopy
Praveen Chaudhari, Heejae Shim
February 22, 2010
CR13 Challenges For Cryogenics at ITER
L. Serio
September 13, 2009
CR12-2 Recent SQUID Activities in Europe, Part II: Applications
Alex I. Braginski, Gordon Donaldson
July 30, 2009
CR8 Next Generation More-Electric Aircraft: A Potential Application for HTS Superconductors
Cesar Luongo, Philippe Masson, Taewoo Nam, Dimitri Mavris, Hyun D. Kim, Gerald V. Brown, Mark Waters, David Hall
June 30, 2009
CR10 Recent Main Events in Applied Superconductivity in China
Songtao Wu, Yu Wu, Yuntao Song, Weiyue Wu, Yanfang Bi, Weibin Xi, Liye Xiao, Prof. Qiuliang Wang, Dr. Yanwei Ma, Xianghong Liu, Pingxiang Zhang, Yin Xin, Bo Hou, Rui Liu, Hongjie Zhang, Zenghe Han, Jun Zheng, Jiasu Wang, Suyu Wang, Jing Shi, Yuejin Tang, Ming Qiu, Bin Wei, Yunfei Tan
June 23, 2009
CR9 Superconductors in Applications; Some Practical Aspects
J.W. Bray
June 5, 2009
CR12-I - Recent SQUID Activities in Europe, Part I: Devices
Alex I. Braginski, Gordon Donaldson
April 20, 2009
CR11 Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters for X-ray Spectroscopy
L. Fleischmann, M. Linck, A. Burck, C. Domesle, C. Höhn, S. Kempf, S. Lausberg, A. Pabinger, C. Pies, J.P. Porst, H. Rotzinger, S. Schäfer, R. Weldle, A. Fleischmann, C. Enss, G.M. Seidel
July 30, 2008
CR7-I Recent Progress in Superconductive Digital Electronics Part I - Western Contributions
A. Y. Herr, Oleg Mukhanov, Martin Nisenoff, Horst Rogalla, Theodore Van Duzer
July 11, 2008
Recent Progress in Digital Superconducting Electronics
Oleg Mukhanov
June 18, 2008
CR7-II Recent Progress in Superconductive Digital Electronics Part II - Japanese Contributions
Thomas Ortlepp, F. H. Uhlmann
June 16, 2008
CR6 Review of European Activities in Superconductivity for Thermonuclear Fusion, in the Light of ITER
Peter Komarek, E. Salpietro
March 19, 2008
CR5 Superconducting Magnetic Energy Storage: Status and Perspective
Dr. Pascal Tixador
October 2, 2007
CR4 Review of Cryogenics for Large Superconducting Systems
Laurent Tavian
October 1, 2007
CR3 Superconductivity and Magnetism in Ruthenocuprates
Piotr W. Klamut
September 20, 2007
CR1 Coexistence of Superconductivity and Itinerant Ferromagnetism
A. Kołodziejczyk
June 15, 2007
CR2 Accelerators and Superconductivity: LHC and Near Future in Europe
Lucio Rossi
June 4, 2007