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SNF Issue No. 50, Preview No. 1 - Special Topic: Transportation

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  • Cryogenic Engineering Conference & International Cryogenic Materials Conference 2021 (CEC-ICMC 2021)

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The Pressure Is Off and the High Tc Stays: A New Pathway

HP144 figure 1 imageOctober 15, 2021 (HP144).  Room-temperature superconductivity has been considered the holy grail for scientists and engineers over the course of their long and tedious search for more than a century since the discovery of superconductivity in 1911. Its attainment will undoubtedly unleash a new technological revolution by enabling the ubiquitous utilization of superconductivity, the most energy-efficient technology, without cooling for today’s energy-intensive society. It will impact all three major sectors of our economy, i.e., primary, secondary, and tertiary, encompassing the energy, transportation, communication, commerce, service, and other industries.

Read Full Text by C. W. Chu, L. Z. Deng, and Z. Wu (Texas Center for Superconductivity and Department of Physics, University of Houston)

Contributed by Herbert Freyhardt, SNF Deputy Editor-in-Chief, Co-editor Materials

CSC Technical Committee on Quantum

quantum hands imageJune 16, 2021.  CSC has created a Technical Committee on Quantum due to increased attention to “quantum” worldwide. As chairs of this new committee, we would like to describe what we had in mind in forming it and solicit interest from CSC members who would like to participate.

Quantum physics has always been one of nature’s most important tools for operating the universe, yet humans have made tremendous strides in the last few years in using quantum information for advancing strictly human interests. The new “quantum 2.0” is based on human understanding of the properties of quantum information and operations on that information. Humans then engineer everything from scientific experiments to products based on deliberate manipulation of quantum information.

Contributed by Tony Przybysz, SNF Co-editor Electronics (digital & quantum computing)

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Read Full Article by Erik P. DeBenedictis and Elie Track

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