SNF Issue No. 49, Preview 1, January 2021

In this Issue:

  • APPLIED SUPERCONDUCTIVITY CONFERENCE (ASC 2020): Selected Plenary and Invited Presentations

  • IEEE QUANTUM WEEK: Selected Invited Presentations

Observations from Quantum Week and Opportunities for CSC - Erik P. DeBenedictis

January 1, 2021 (HP 145).  Quantum computing and engineering are rapidly gaining traction, motivated by a quest for million qubits quantum computers. Such a computer may be a decade or more away, yet there is a growing view that “quantum advantage” will be demonstrated in the next few years. Quantum advantage implies quantum computers that customers would buy because they are more effective for their problems than classical supercomputers. This milestone could be the turning point from an industry supported by research funding to one supported by reinvested profits.

This short article shows how CSC’s topic mix that includes both classical and quantum technologies could give CSC a vital role in the development of this important new field.

Contributed by Tony Przybysz, SNF Co-editor Electronics (digital & quantum computing)

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Seeqc Three-pronged Approach to Quantum Technology

October 14, 2020 (PN6). IEEE CSC volunteers span numerous areas of superconductivity research. Recently, Oleg Mukhanov (Co-CEO, CTO, & co-founder of Seeqc) discussed Seeqc's unique approach and current strides in quantum computing technology.

(Photo left: Seeqc’s DQM System-on-a-Chip | photo credit: Seeqc)

The company is one of the first companies to have built a superconductor multi-layer commercial chip foundry and through this experience has the infrastructure in place for design, testing and manufacturing of quantum-ready superconductors. Seeqc isn’t out to build a big quantum computer, just for the sake of building it. Mukhanov said they want to build a quantum computer that has a realistic practical role for actual problems and challenges, not just a lab experiment.

Feature based on article by Matt Swayne of The Quantum Daily and Seeqc

Contributed by Jennifir McGillis, SNF Editorial Team Manager

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