SNF Mission Statement (Global Edition)

The online News Forum serves as an information dissemination tool and as a forum for discussing issues of interest to the superconductivity community in general and applied superconductivity community in particular.  Fundamental research news, applied R&D and industrial news are covered evenhandedly.  The Forum aims at filling the gap between peer-reviewed scientific publications and the latest news disseminated by commercial newsletters such as "Superconductor Week", and company newsletters.  Our tasks are:

  • Solicit balanced announcements of progress/breakthrough - based on papers accepted for publications, and even press conferences or new commercial product releases (no publicity or commercial PR are acceptable).
  • Announce and highlight events of interest to members of the superconductivity community, such as workshops, conferences, prizes, awards, obituaries, etc.
  • Invite overviews in various categories & subcategories of ongoing R&D written by prominent members of the superconductivity community.
  • Publish original technical contributions and pre-publish such contributions intended for peer-refereed journals, if the journal policy permits that.  Pre-publication of original conference contributions includes strictly selected papers submitted to major conferences, such as the European Conference on Applied Superconductivity (EUCAS), the Applied Superconductivity Conference (ASC) and others.  Occasionally, we also pre-publish selected papers from regional and local workshops on topics of vivid current interest.  In all cases we obtain permission from the meeting organizers and the publisher of its papers.
  • Publish regional news by inviting brief self-presentation reviews of important/prominent R&D groups, and also seek contributions from authors interested in presenting local superconductivity activities.  Furthermore we publish descriptions of projects, new, ongoing and completed.  We also publish historical papers covering past activities of distinguished individuals, groups and organizations (academic, scientific, industrial and other).
  • Publish "Letters to Editor".
  • Occasionally attract attention to respective government R&D programs and to funding opportunities, such as calls for proposals, etc.
  • Respond to readers' initiatives; we are open to possible changes in community needs (the possibility of an interactive blog-like section of the Forum is under evaluation).