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Giovanni Piero (Giampiero) Pepe

Università di Napoli Federico II
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Region 08 (Africa, Europe, Middle East)

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Giovanni Piero Pepe (Giampiero) is Full professor for Experimental Physics and Nanomaterials for Electronics and Energetics at the University of Napoli Federico II, while from 2011 to 2019 he has been Deputy Director of the Naples Unit of the Institute for Superconducting, Innovative Materials and Devices (SPIN), National Council of Research (CNR), Italy. GPP has more than 25 years experience in superconducting electronics covering mainly topics regarding Josephson effects and tunneling in superconducting devices, unconventional superconducting devices for quantum applications, advanced superconducting detectors and non-equilibrium superconductivity, cryogenics, and material science at low temperatures. During the last years GPP and his group were involved in a number of national and European projects concentrating on the development of superconducting (nano)devices for quantum communications. He has authored more than 160 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He worked in advisory boards of international conferences and workshops like ASC, ISEC, EUCAS, ICSM. From 2019 he is Chair of the European Society of Applied Superconductivity, and chairman and organizer of ISEC 2017 Conference in Sorrento, of WOLTE13 2018 Conference in Sorrento, and of WOLTE14 to be held in Matera, Italy. He was Chair of ESAS International Summer School on “New Trends with Superconducting Quantum Detectors” (Genova, 2013), of the Winter ESAS School on “Novel frontiers in superconducting electronics: from fundamental concepts and advanced materials towards future applications” (Naples, 2016), and co-chair of the National CNR Workshop on Single Photon Devices: the Italian perspectives (Roma, 2016). From 2019 he is Senior IEEE Member.

IEEE CSC - SNF Position History:
  • Present   Board Members (Editorial Board)
  • 2020-Present   European Society for Applied Superconductivity Representative (IEEE Member Society & International Society Representatives)
  • 2020-Present   European Society for Applied Superconductivity Representative (CSC Administrative Committee)
  • Past   Associate Editors Electronics (IEEE TAS Editorial Staff)
  • Past   Associate Editors Electronics (Editorial Team)
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