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Dr. Douglas “Scott” Holmes joined DARPA in February 2019 as a program manager in the Microsystems Technology Office (MTO). His areas of interest include superconductor electronics and novel computing technologies.

Prior to joining DARPA, Holmes worked at the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency (IARPA) on the Cryogenic Computing Complexity (C3) program that developed technologies for energy-efficient superconductor computing. Professionally, Holmes is a member of the IEEE Council on Superconductivity. As a member of the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS), he led the establishment of the International Focus Team (IFT) on Cryogenic Electronics and Quantum Information Processing.

Earlier work includes a decade as a learning strategist, another decade as an engineer/scientist at Lake Shore Cryotronics, participation in a few startups, and active duty as an Air Force officer working on superconductor technology at Wright-Patterson Air Force base.

Holmes received a Bachelor of Science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He holds graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin–Madison, including two master’s degrees and a joint Ph.D. in materials science and nuclear engineering and engineering physics.

IEEE CSC - SNF Position History:
  • Present   Quantum Computing/Engineering Chair (Committee|Chapter Chairs & Representatives)
  • Present   Quantum Computing/Engineering Chair (CSC Administrative Committee)
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