12th International Conference on Materials and Mechanisms of Superconductivity & High Temperature Superconductors


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The M2S-2018 conference is the 12th in the series as an international event on superconductors and mechanisms of superconductivity held now every three years. The first conference took place in 1988 in Interlaken in the wake of the discovery of high temperature superconductivity by the Nobel Prize winners Johannes Georg Bednorz and Karl Alexander Müller. The conference has since taken place in Palo Alto (1989), Kanazawa (1991), Grenoble (1994), Beijing (1997), Houston (2000), Rio de Janeiro (2003), Dresden (2006), Tokyo (2009), Washington(2012) and Geneva (2015).
Superconductivity is a macroscopic quantum phenomenon that has been one of the most vibrant fields in condensed matter physics since its discovery in 1911. The discovery of high temperature cuprate superconductors and the iron-based superconductors has challenged the classical theories of condensed matter physics and opened a new chapter of strongly correlated electron systems. Superconductivity research has triggered ample opportunities in exploration of new materials, discovery of new phenomena, establishment of new theories and promising applications.
The aim of the Conference is to provide a platform for members of the international superconductivity community to report their latest results, exchange information and ideas, and foster collaborations. The Conference is dedicated to all aspects of basic superconductivity research in materials, mechanisms and phenomena of superconductivity, and its applications. The Conference will cover the following topics:

Cuprate Superconductors
Iron-Based Superconductors
Heavy Fermion Superconductors
Organic Superconductors
Other Superconductors
Topological Superconductors
Mechanisms and Phenomenology of Superconductivity
Beijing is the capital of China and the nation’s political, cultural and educational center. The city’s history dates back three millennia. It combines its ancient sites such as the Forbidden City and the Great Wall with modern architectures like the National Stadium and National Aquatics Center near the Beijing International Convention Center where the M2S-2018 Conference will take place.