ASEMD 2023

2023 IEEE International Conference on Applied Superconductivity and Electromagnetic Devices

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Tianjin, China

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Applied superconductivity is generally categorized into material, electrical and electronic sections. Material synthesis and characterization, power applications, rotating machines, and magnet technology are essential components comprising one principal part of the ASEMD scope. Electromagnetic devices, the other principal part of ASEMD, covers electric, magnetic, and electronic devices, either superconducting or not. The scope of the conference includes principally the following topics: A. Electromagnetic Materials B. Superconducting Electric Power Devices C. Electrical Power Systems D. Electrical Machines E. Magnets F. Superconducting Electronics G. Cryogenics and Thermal/Electrical Insulation H. Modeling, Analysis and Design I. Other Relevant Topics - Quantum computing, Tera-hertz, Computation and Simulation, Sensors, Signal and Image Processing, Information and Communication.