AS3 2018

3rd Asian Superconductivity Summer School 2018

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Zhonguancun Beiertiao 7, Beijing

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It is our pleasure to announce the 3rd Asian Superconductivity Summer School (AS3 2018) which will be held between Aug. 24 and 26 this year at CAS Guest House, Beijing, China. This is the series of summer school starting from the Japan-Korea Superconductivity Summer School (JKSSS) in 2015 at Fukuoka, Japan, then extended to the 1st Asian Summer School (AS3) in 2016 at Jeju island, Korea, and followed by the 2nd AS3 at Miyazaki, Japan. This year, we will held the summer school at China for the first time with a strong support from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) in collaboration with Cryogenics and Superconductivity Society of Japan (CSSJ), the Korea Institute of Applied Superconductivity and Cryogenics (KIASC), and the IEEE Council on Superconductivity (CSC). Purpose of this summer school is to educate students and young researchers, and enhance mutual cooperation among Asian superconductivity and cryogenic community. The three days program will cover superconducting materials processing, characterization, power application, and cryogenic engineering in both basic and advanced topics. An interchange session among the attendees and an excursion are also included. Graduate course students and young researchers in the superconductivity and/or cryogenics area are very much welcomed. It would be also a very good opportunity for regular members to establish an international network among the Asian superconductivity and cryogenic community. Those who are interested in participating, please send us the registration form attached in our web-site. We are looking forward to seeing you at Beijing, this summer.