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Coated Conductors for Applications Workshop of 2021

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The workshop "Coated Conductors for Applications (CCA)" focused on the development and application of coated conductors (C.C.) and was held as the first topical workshop in Göttingen, Germany in May 2000. Since then, the CCA has been held every two years and will celebrate its 21 th anniversary in 2021. Recently, the workshop was held in Aspen in 2016 and in Vienna in 2018. The applications of C.C. range from particle physics, medicine, fusion and various electric power applications. The virtual CCA 2021 aims to bridge the latest “C.C. materials science & technology” achievements to various applications such as “cables, MRI, NMR, aircraft, high field coils, FCL, motors, etc.” and promote their industrialization through in-depth discussions. We look forward to the participation of many people who are interested in this field.

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