SNF Issue No. 7, January 2008

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Editorial Forward
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Editorial Forward Issue No. 7

ESNF Editorial Team
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Critical Reviews (Invited)
Editorial Presentations

Metallic Magnetic Calorimeters for X-ray Spectroscopy

L. Fleischmann, M. Linck, A. Burck, C. Domesle, C. Höhn, S. Kempf, S. Lausberg, A. Pabinger, C. Pies, J.-P. Porst, H. Rotzinger, S. Schäfer, R. Weldle, A. Fleischmann, C.Enss, G.M. Seidel
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Regional News
Editorial Presentations

Doctoral Theses in the Field of Large Scale Superconductivity in Finland

Antti Stenvall, Risto Mikkonen, Teemu Hartikainen, Mika Masti, Lauri Rostila, Maria Ahoranta and Aki Korpela