SNF Issue No. 9, July 2009

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Editorial Forward
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Editorial Forward Issue No. 9

ESNF Editorial Team
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Critical Reviews - Invited
Editorial Presentations

Recent SQUID Activities in Europe, Part II: Applications

Alex I. Braginski and Gordon B. Donaldson
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Regional News
Editorial Presentations

MOCVD of Coated Conductors in Braunschweig

O. Stadel, R. Muydinov
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Science and Technology News
Editorial Presentations

Cryogenic and Electrical Test Results of a 30 M HTS Power Cable

V. E. Sytnikov, V. S. Vysotsky, S. S. Fetisov, A. A. Nosov, Yu.G.Shakaryan, V.I.Kochkin, A.N.Kiselev, Yu.A. Terentyev, V.M.Patrikeev, V.V.Zubko

Vortex Motion in High-Tc Films and a Micropattern-induced Phase Transition

R. W├Ârdenweber, E. Hollmann, J. Schubert, R. Kutzner, and Ajay Kumar Ghosh

Coated Conductors on Tubular Metallic Wires by Combined Chemical Approaches

C. Millon, S. Morlens, P. Chaudo├╝et, C. Jimenez, J.L. Soubeyroux, P. Tixador, A. Allais, C. F. Theune, P. Odier