Successful Development of a 9.4T/800mm Whole-body MRI Superconducting Magnet at IEE CAS

Qiuliang Wang, Yinming Dai, Hui Wang, Junsheng Cheng, Shunzhong Chen, Yaohui Wang, Hongyi Qu, Xinning Hu, Jianhua Liu, Chunyan Cui, Zili Zhang, Lei Wang, Hao Wang, Hui Liu, Jinshui Sun, Wanshuo Sun, Ling Xiong, Cong Wang, Dangui Wang

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The 9.4T whole-body MRI system is recognized as a powerful tool to explore the complex human bioinformatics and shows great application potential for the brain science research and early diagnosis of major neurodegenerative diseases. Due to the technical barrier of the 9.4T-level ultrahigh field superconducting magnet, only very few institutions in the world have the capability to apply the technology. Recently, the Institute of Electrical Engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences (IEE CAS) successfully developed a 9.4T/800mm whole-body MRI superconducting magnet and the critical parameters all reach the project requirements. With the already prepared gradient assembly, RF assembly, and spectrometer console, the superconducting magnet will then go into the MRI system integration, which is arranged for the human metabolic imaging